Air conditioner
Fx-24AC AA 24000

Air conditioner
Fx-24AC AA 24000
Air conditioner 24 thousand
Power 24000 btu/h
Cooling and heating system
Equipped with R 410 gas
Four internal panel wind adjustment modes
5 meters of copper pipe
Equipped with a 24-hour timer
Equipped with vitamin C filter


The FX-24AC AA 24000 btu air conditioner is very powerful and low consumption and is completely suitable for Iran’s climate.

This air conditioner has a separate cooling and heating system

In this model, Farmox coolers are used with R410 gas, which has more and more efficient cooling.

Farmox air conditioner has been tested in the most advanced research centers and laboratories, so that it has the best performance and efficiency in the most difficult weather conditions.

The electricity consumption of this series of air conditioners is very optimal due to the use of R410 gas

The internal panel of this model is silent and has a very low sound

It has a sleep timer and vitamin C filter