Rice Cooker

1000 watts
It has 18 default cooking programs for ease of use
6 liters with full Teflon coating
Ability to adjust temperature and time manually
Full touch digital LED screen
Stainless steel body
The ability to cook all kinds of Iranian food, khorshta, soba,
Ability to keep warm


Farmox pressure cooker and rice cooker model Fx2040 is one of the most used and high-quality pressure cookers that has been marketed as a versatile product. This pressure cooker has a high capacity of 6 liters, thanks to this capacity, you can put a large amount of food in it for cooking. In general, the capacity of 6 liters is equivalent to the capacity of 8 people. It is also made of a stainless steel body, which is very durable and strong. In addition, a digital touch panel is installed on the body of this product and it also has another part which is a timer. As a result, thanks to this section, you can apply your desired settings to cook your desired food on the device and know the heat level and temperature of the device. And it also benefits from a high quality non-stick pot. In addition, the power consumption of this product is equal to 1000 watts. Among the other facilities and technologies that have been used for this Fx2040 rice cooker, we can mention 18 default menus, through which you can choose how to cook your desired food by default. It also has the ability to manually enter the cooking program into the device. Finally, it is better to say that it also has the ability to keep food warm, maintain steam pressure and a manual timer.