Has a safety lock

Has a steel body

It has a stainless steel blade and basket

Equipped with a powerful and low-noise 1000 watt motor

Fully copper motor with long life

Equipped with a slow start system to increase the life of the engine


FARMOX juicer model 3314 Fx is a product with a beautiful design and excellent quality.
This product has a very powerful motor with a power of 1000 watts, which is needed for every kitchen
Ability to work in 4 modes; It has juicer, grinder, chopper and mixer.
In the bases of the choppers and mixers, steel coating is used for beauty and better quality
The steel body and stainless steel blade allow you to easily put the desired parts in the dishwasher.
It has a pulping tank with a volume of 3 liters and the ability to enter a whole apple into the juicer.
Anti-slip base and safety switch are significant advantages of this device.