oven toaster

Volume 45 liters
Power consumption 2000 watts
Manually adjustable heating elements
Trays for cakes, pizzas and grilled fish
60 minute timer
The ability to adjust the temperature up to 250 degrees Celsius
Washable bottom tray
Has a rotisserie
Convection and powerful fan
Internal lamp


Farmox toaster FX 5522 model provides you with a quality and fully functional product.

This model has powerful heating elements that can be adjusted manually and separately.
It has a rotisserie with a powerful motor as well
Convection for uniform distribution of heat, and has an internal lamp
One of the applications of this tester is baking all kinds of cakes, pastries and pizza, as well as heating all kinds of food.
which is needed in every kitchen.

Fx5522 toaster has a volume of 45 liters, which allows you to make the most of its interior space.