Tea maker

Automatic shutdown system
Has a full touch screen
The ability to brew all kinds of brews
Has heat preservation at desired temperatures
2 liter kettle and 1 liter teapot
In two colors, steel white and steel black
2000 watts
Has blue LED light
360 degree rotation
Stainless steel
You are a scumbag


Fx6615 tea maker is one of the best selling and popular tea makers in the market. This company is more than just a tea maker in the production of this tea maker. It has a kettle with a capacity of 2 liters. Also, the glass teapot of this tea maker has a stainless steel mesh strainer, and this prevents tea residue from entering the glass or glass, and in turn, the tea is served flat. This model of Farmox tea maker has a heat retainer, it should be noted that the capacity of the tea maker model is 2 liters and the capacity of the teapot is equal to 1 liter. Among the other notable features of the Fx 6615 tea maker is the high power of its kettle, which allows it to boil the full volume of water inside it in a short period of time. In this model of tea maker, you can make different kinds of teas, this is because of the setting of different teas. The full touch screen of this tea maker enables you to keep tea or brew warm at several preset temperatures.