Espresso maker

It has an Italian pump
Pump pressure 20 bar
1350 watts
Preparation of espresso / cafe latte / cappuccino
Has volume function
It has a steam nozzle and adjusts the steam pressure
With single and double scope filter
Ability to use coffee powder
All steel body


If you are looking for high-quality and high-performance espresso and at the same time easy to use, we recommend the farmox espresso machine model Fx 2323. This beautifully designed and functional machine allows you to make great espresso coffee at home or at work. The Fx2323 espresso machine, using new technology, provides the ability to extract coffee with a unique taste and aroma. With a coffee extraction arm and steam, you can easily make your own espresso coffee with smooth and creamy crema. Also, with a water tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters, you can use it to prepare different coffees such as espresso / cafe latte / cappuccino. Finally, the Farmox Fx 2323 Espresso Maker, with its beautiful design and easy and excellent performance, allows you to prepare a wonderful espresso coffee with one-handed foam and great aroma. Despite the high quality, you can consider this device as one of the best options in the espresso maker market.