It has 8 default programs

It has two baskets of 6.5 liters and 5 liters

Ability to manually adjust temperature and time for desired cooking

Perfect cooking without oil using hot air circulation

2000 watts of power

Automatic shutdown system

Ability to equip accessories in the dishwasher


Farmox fryer model Fx6119 is a high capacity fryer that you can easily put a chicken in its basket, this device has different cooking programs that you can use to prepare food for a family for a crowd of 8- Use 7. Use it sparingly and enjoy cooking food with minimal oil and even without oil. This fryer has the ability to adjust the temperature and you can adjust the device according to your food and cooking time

۸-۲۰۰ cm set manually. It also has 8 default cooking programs, which include fried potatoes, fish, steak and kebab cooking programs. This fryer prepares food with hot air circulation technology (3D), and with the least amount of oil, you can prepare the most delicious food. The material of the tank is non-stick Teflon and can be easily installed in the dishwasher. The front body of this fryer is made of stainless steel. And it has a special beauty that you can coordinate with your home decoration.

And also, this fryer is equipped with Godkar shutdown system, and it turns off automatically after the work is finished.