Pressure cooker

Power consumption 1000 watts
It has 16 cooking programs
Adjust the temperature according to cooking
Automatic safety valve
Ability to keep warm
Cooking program for stew, soup, chicken, meat, cake, steamed, slow cooking


Experience the pleasure of cooking and speed up cooking with FARMOX model 2210 multipurpose pressure cooker and rice cooker.

The power consumption of this device is 1000 watts.

The cooking pot of this device has a volume of 6 liters and is made of 5 layers of cast iron and Teflon.

The body of the device is made of steel and has a digital panel.

This device has 16 cooking programs such as: rice, chicken, soup, meat, cake, steamer, slow cooker, etc.

It is equipped with an automatic safety valve and a manual pressure relief valve.

It has the ability to keep warm and an electrical safety switch.