Steam Press

Steam Iron
Size 26 inches
Very strong steam output
Equipped with automatic shutdown safety system
The ability to adjust the temperature for all types of fabric
Has a safety alarm
Wide ironing surface
Has a washable cover for the ironing board
Locking handle for easy carrying
Height adjustable base
It has an ironing pad and water spray


Autopress 26 inch FARMOX model FX5108 has a ceramic sole and a strong steaming system.

The width of this auto press is 70 cm and it has a strong metal support base.

The power consumption of this device is 2200 watts.

Steam and temperature can be adjusted manually for the user.

It is equipped with an anti-sediment and anti-drip system.

The ability to prepare steam in 5-7 minutes and the possibility of refilling the water tank while working.

It has an alarm system and automatic shutdown.

This auto press model has a high pressing power and its ceramic plate prevents your clothes from getting electric.